I ordered  two cases (12 pkg ea.) of the kelp noodles from the other night. (I ordered two cases because, if I like them, it will be so much cheaper than having ordered by the package, with shipping, and it was cheaper to order two cases than one, and I think I will like them — oh, yeah, also because I have been talking to someone on-line who ordered them and liked them, and Ani Phyo likes them, and I like her recipes…).    I was very disappointed in the checkout to find that they did not tell me how much the shipping fee was.  I wrote to them and asked, but they have not seen fit yet to answer me. Boo!

Whatever!  The order is in.  I am waiting to receive the noodles and see what I can do with them. I am looking forward to making interesting dishes.

I have been told that the noodles must be seriously soaked to get rid of a smell that they apparently have.   I ordered two cases because the company told me that I could store them in my cabinet for up to a year (I hope they are good enough that they will disappear long before that)

Meanwhile, this evening, I have just seen a new entry into the “kelp noodle” arena which looks interesting.  A Chinese company is now listing kelp noodles, both dried and “wet packaged”. The main problem here is trusting the Chinese company (can we believe that their products are actually raw?  I mean, Chinese products are always kind of a free-for-all guess-work sort of stuff). The good news is these products might show up in your local Chinese supermarket for cheap.

Now, I am just waiting to receive this order (and, hopefully, before that, to find out how many hundreds of dollars I am going to pay for shipping)  I have not even received a confirmation of purchase from the company.  This is not very nice, according to me.  I do know I ordered them, and I can go to PayPal and verify that. I really do hope that the company will see fit to a) acknowledge my order and b) ship it soon. (If I had not heard from someone who had ordered and received her order from this company, I might be very nervous at this point)


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