RAW FOOD MAGAZINES: Looking for a good read on the train

What raw foods magazines are available, and how available are they? Yes, yes, sometimes the vegetarian magazines include a raw food recipe or two, but, hey! Southern Living also includes salad recipes from time to time. I am looking for magazines tailored to the specific interests and needs of those of us who follow a raw foods lifestyle, ideally in hard-copy.

There are precious few raw foods magazines to choose from – even fewer if you limit the criteria to hard-copy magazines you can haul around with you and read while you’re standing in line at the bank.

Here are the magazines I have discovered:

get-fresh-pictureGET FRESH
From the UK, we have this magazine which looks to be very nice.
A hardcopy subscription is prohibitive (28 GBP– about $41.00 US– for 4 issues).
The e-subscription is 9.97 GBP – about $15.00 US.

An individual hard-copy issue is approximately $6.00 (3.95 GBP), while the e-version is about $4.50 (2.97 GBP)

Purely Delicious MagazinePURELY DELICIOUS
Heidi Ohlander of Raw Food Right Now recommends this magazine. A one-year 4-issue hard-copy subscription runs $25.00

Living<br /> Nutrition The Raw Food Lifestyle Magazine VIBRANCE The Magazine of Vibrantly Healthful Living
The longest running magazine I know of was Living Nutrition. It was published from 1996 to 2008. I once saw a copy, and was impressed. How could I not be? It was the only raw foods magazine I had ever seen. Now that magazine has apparently morphed into VIBRANCE. The first edition of the new magazine is available for purchase, but it is not possible to subscribe to this magazine as yet (an email today announces subscription availability, but a click on the link took me to the Customer Service Contact page of the Living Nutrition site)
The hardcopy version of the magazine is $6.00.
(If you are starved for raw food magazine reading, Living Nutrition will sell you a complete set of all 20 Living Nutrition editions plus the new Vibrance edition for $95.00.)


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