POTATOES: I’ve think I’ve finally got them figured out!

halleluia-praise-the-lord3When I received my CSA delivery last Thursday, I started thinking about what I could do with all of the potatoes I had received. I was still doing the Master Cleanse, so I did not start working practically on the issue until yesterday.
I made some potato chips… more later.

My big experiment has been based on something I found (but cannot find again) or else “channeled”, several years ago, and have not been able to find again:
I truly believe that I once saw a reference to making raw potatoes palatable and digestible by grating them and soaking them and rinsing them and washing off the starch several times, then rinsing a final time and using them in a recipe….
Since I could not find the evidence, I just decided to do it anyway.

The first step to all of the “recipes” is to soak the grated potatoes for at least an hour, then rinse them to remove the starch, then soak them again for an hour, squeeze the potatoes to make them release more starch, rinse out all the water, then add more water, and soak the potatoes again, then squeeze them one more time to remove the water and the starch (I picked up handfuls, squeezed them, then put them in a bowl, until I had squeezed all of the water out of all of the potatoes. (it is important to do the soaking because it removes the starch — this is really true, according to my own personal experience. If you do not do it, the potatoes will taste nasty and not be digestible.)
I peeled a bunch of the small potatoes in the CSA distribution, then grated them up loosely (not down to a cream consistency) in my food processor.

Then I experimented by putting about 2 T of grated potatoes in a bowl and adding things.

Add 1 T garlic powder, and 1 T olive oil
I liked this most and would do it again.

Add 1 T onion powder and 1 T olive oil.
This tasted quite a bit like mashed potatoes to me.

Add enough mustard to moisten and coat the potatoes.
I really liked this one, and made it up and ate it three times.

2 heaping T grated potatoes, soaked, rinsed, and squeezed to remove water
1/3 red bell pepper, finely chopped
1/3 C minced onion
1 T hot olive oil (1 C olive oil mixed with 1 T cayenne pepper and left to understand itself)
Mix all together
This is the recipe that I would repeat many times over, and feed to non-raw people, as well.


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