It’s Day 10!!! Last Master Cleanse Day

This has been an interesting Master Cleanse.  All the detoxing, the craving… at the same time, I have been positive and strong throughout: I have kept up my normal hot yoga schedule throughout (4 – 5 days a week –the only times I can make it to class). I believe that I have dropped most of the 15 lbs. I had added over last year, as well (and, with my plans to stick to a low carb/low glycemic index diet from here, I expect the rest will come off relatively quickly)

Now I am really ready to start food.  I went out in the snow last night and bought 10 oranges for my first day post MC.  I forgot the cucumber, the only thing I don’t already have  to make the Carrot/Cucumber Bread, but I can get that tonight (the blizzard did not materialize, so no snow day, must go to work) or tomorrow.  I’m thinking of an orange/frozen banana/apple cider smoothie for Tuesday. Yes. Yum. I’ve never made such a thing, but it sounds good to me right now. (I have all of that apple cider that I got in the CSA share on Thursday – must use it up quickly)

My lemonade (perfectly timed with the last three lemons is made up for today, and I am ready to go!


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