CSAs STARTING UP AGAIN: It’s that time of the year

New York City’s CSAs are beginning to stir again… starting to plan out the distribution season, and what else they will be doing, as well as starting up their membership drives. Most CSAs are rather small, so memberships go fast.

If you are interested in joining a CSA in your part of the City, check out the JustFood site — this is an organization which helps organize CSAs in New York City.  They have a list of all of the CSAs in the City, which you can browse to find one convenient to you.

If you are the type who always has a Plan B, then you might want to  select one or two (or even three) CSAs which would be convenient for you, check out their websites, contact them to ask when they will be opening the membership to new members, and ask if you can be put on a waiting list.  Then go with the first one that comes through, or, conversely, roll the dice and hope that you will get into the bestest one. (I was on a waiting list for one when I got the opportunity to join Astoria CSA.  The first one did not accept my application until after I had already paid for Astoria)


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