CAJUN BREAD: What I am going to make right after I finish my Master Cleanse

Whenever I am on a diet or a fast, I tend to read recipe books… today, I’ve found raw food videos!

I watched a few, then I went to Ani Phyo’s website and found a whole treasure trove of new-to-me recipes. I like the recipes in her book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, and I especially like her breads.

I am planning to make her Cajun Bread recipe as soon as I finish this Master Cleanse.

This flat bread is supposed to be soft and moist, like a slice of traditional pumpernickel bread.

makes about 12 slices, about 1 1/2 trays

1 1/2 C carrot pulp
1/2 C chia powder
1 C flax powder
2 T olive oil
1 1/2 C carrot juice
1 t Braggs, or sea salt
3 T tan sesame seeds
3 T Cajun spice (onion, garlic, paprika, cayenne, parsley, pepper mix)
1 C water

  • In a large bowl, thoroughly mix ingredients
  • Spread mixture on dehydrator teflex sheets
  • Dehydrate at 104 degrees for 4 hours.
  • Remove from dehydrator
  • To flip, place a dehydrator plastic mesh screen on top of the bread, and cover with a dehydrator tray. Flip entire assembly, remove top tray, peel teflex sheet from bread, and score tray into 9 slices.
  • Return to dehydrator and continute to dehydrate for 6 more hours, until desired consistency.

One response to “CAJUN BREAD: What I am going to make right after I finish my Master Cleanse

  1. Here is my Cajun Seasoning recipe:

    2 1/2 T. paprika
    4 t. dried oregano
    1 t. salt
    1 t. garlic powder
    1 t. white pepper
    1 t. black pepper
    1 t. ground red pepper
    1 t onion powder

    ● Combine all ingredients in a zip-top plastic bag
    ● Seal bag, and shake well.
    ● Store tightly sealed; shake well before each use.

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