NEW VEGAN BOOTS – It’s cold and wet here in NYC

I am so happy! I have just bought a really cool (according to me) pair of vegan (or read cheap plastic) boots that fit and will be good for stomping through puddles, and are still fashion-forward. Okay, they are probably not the greenest item on earth, being as they are probably 100% new petroleum product, but they *are* vegan.

Huh? Nice boots that look enough like leather to pass the fashion muster at work, satisfy your fashion sense (if you have one), keep you looking like a grown-up person in the office (and not a mountain climber or hippie or movie-star teenie-bopper wannabe) Dressy boots that look good and are not leather? Yup!

Not at Payless! No, I found these in a little “cheap (money and look-wise) clothing and shoe shop. Most of the shoes and boots they had in the window looked like good wardrobe items for ladies of the night, but the SALE sign intrigued me, so I stepped in anyway, and THERE THEY WERE. I didn’t even think they were vegan at first, but I liked them and I wanted to try them on, even if I wasn’t going to buy them. When the guy brought them to me, I turned them upside down to see the sole and there was the tell-tale sticker == ALL MAN MADE!

CUT TO THE CHASE – I tried them on, they fit, I bought them, and now I’m going to look really cool and people are going to be all-out envious of me as I sashay down the street. I’ve been needing a pair of tailored boots to wear with my long dresses and long skirts, and NOW I HAVE THEM. (Oh, yeah! I, who should not be spending money, got them for $30! More reasons to be vegan.)

Yes, you can look at the on-line vendors of vegan shoes and boots and you can check out PayLess, but I do recommend checking out the smaller cheap clothing stores that offer shoes, as well.

I now have a page which lists on-line vendors of vegan-friendly shoes.


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