PLASTICS – NO GO! Bisphenol health danger

My room-mate has been researching the effects of bisphenol in rats. The results are not pretty (I don’t mean the part about where she “sacrifices” – read BEHEADS the rats). Bisphenol apparently affects estrogen in ways we don’t want to think about. (Go to your own research – I’ve seen reports in National Geographic and at various sites on-line, in addition to the reports that I have edited for the room-mate.)

What do to? Well, see, bisphenol apparently comes out of plastic things. You know, your water bottle, your baggies and zip-loc bags, etc. and so forth (read plastic that touches your lips or your food and/or beverages).

I have just learned that you can easily identify such bisphenol-producing plastics as PVC and polystyrene by looking at the recycle symbol. PVC has a #3 inside the recycle symbol on the container, and polystyrene has a #6 inside the symbol.

Aside from the health factor, plastic goes into the trash but it just simply does not decompose (at least, not in much less than 1,000 years).

If you do microwave (okay, I am not looking, you’re doing what you do), it turns out that enlightened doctors are saying that it is not good to nuke food in plastic containers because it can cause the bisphenol and other chemicals to leach out into the food. Go with glass or ceramic-ware instead.

Are you interested in conspiracy theory?  Interestingly, today’s New York Post reports that (despite what researchers like my very own room-mate have found)  the government has decided that bisphenol is not a great danger to people.


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