So, on Thursday, I went to the first CSA Winter Distribution at 3:30 to meet with Liz, who has always been the CSA distribution coordinator, but has decided to have a life now, and, so, has turned it over to me. Oh, fretting!

Liz showed me how to make a wall between the rest of the community center and the CSA area, and how to get the tables set up.  She also showed me that there was already a list of what to do to close up (so, I see, opening up is OPEN — set up the tables and meet the truck and get the boxes onto the tables, the fruit and cider accessible, and then…..)  Liz stayed until 5pm (at least) — I had to leave at 5 pm and I think she left around then, too.  Choi, who is, apparently, a friend of Liz, was also there, and she was the one who had volunteered to close up, since I had to dash off to a previous engagement.

So, Liz showed me what I have to do, and I got some ideas about what I want to do, and… it’s my show!!! Cool.

Our Winter Share delivery schedule is:

(1) Thursday, December 18th
(2) Thursday, January 8th
(3) Thursday, January 29th
(4) Thursday, February 19th
(5) Thursday, March 12th

Share pick up is 4:30-7:30 PM.


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