A while back, Judy Cozza closed down her blog and went off to take care of family (bless her, she has 8 children– all grown) and do what she does.

Judy was my first raw friend. She was also my first on-line raw friend.  I learned a lot about a lot from Judy.  It was she who suggested I look for a Champion juicer on ebay, and, so, she was responsible for my having a wonderful banana-colored 1975-vintage Champion juicer, when I had never dreamed of being able to afford a Champion (take Judy’s advice to me, won’t you– you need a Champion, and they show up all the time on ebay for cheap)

When she decided to stop her blog, Judy kindly told me that I could use any of her recipes freely.  Hence, the Judy’s Just Like Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Gosh! I miss Judy so much.  I hope that she and her family are all doing well.

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