BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! – late night tv commercialism of raw food trainings and services

Am I the only person who is sick and tired of receiving email “come-on’s” from people who supposedly share my focus, only to have to start reading a lot of ‘DO YOU’s” and “WOULD YOU’s”, and “VALUED AT’s”, and “INCLUDED FREE’s” before you can get to the bottom and find out that you cannot afford, or are not willing to pay, the price that it took you 5 minutes to find out?

I am going to sign up for a course in the New Year, and I will tell you that one of the big sellers of this course was that they said the name of the course, and the price, AND THEN they told me what I would get.

I am so sick of this “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE” late-night television approach. I find it demeaning, as if people think I will not buy if the price is not mentioned up front. In my case, I just flat-out WON’T BUY if the approach is like that – it sounds to me too much like a used car salesman.

I have begun to delete, outright, the emails from Frederic Patenaude, the raw food king of “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE”, and, recently Jim Carey, of CHI has gone this way as well, even though I would have liked to buy his new program – I think he will understand, since he knows me, that I RESENT BEING TREATED LIKE A MORON. (Let it be said that I did sign up for and study the CHI course, before it underwent its recent transformation, this year. The reason I got so far as to plunk down the, for me, formidable wad of cash was that it was a “line item” – this is the course, this is how much it costs — not a twenty minute read worth of  “infomercial”. I swear to you, I would have missed that wonderful opportunity had it been publicized in the way its successor is being publicized. I never would have considered it, as it would have been far too suspect, in my book, to risk the investment.)   Now, my latest disappointment is a group that I was actually thinking of signing on to – the Raw Divas... I have just received a Frederic Patenaude-type “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE” ad from them…. guess who will not be putting the money there anytime soon…..

Why has the raw food “guru”/education community suddenly decided that they all need to sound like a late-night TV commercial? Why do these people think that the majority of the people in the raw food community are morons who need to be enticed by 10 minutes reading of blah-blah-blah before they will buy.

God blessed me with a brain that works, and I am not going to buy from someone who seems to think I am an idiot, or that my time is worth so little that they will waste it in a mindless come-on.

Please, those of you who want to teach people, and who have not yet succumbed to this Patenaude-ian approach, DO NOT DO THIS.

If you have a product you wish to sell, or a training you wish to provide, please just name the item and give it a price. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, people will see the APPROPRIATE TITLE and the price, and they will look for more information to see if they want to sink that much cash into the training.  In my own case, right now, there are two courses of study I plan to undertake — the one I mentioned earlier, and one other — both of these trainings list The Course……. $XXX, and then list what is included/syllabus,  much as a legitimate college or professional school  would do.

I am intensely disappointed by these people who want to make raw food coaching and raw food training look like a fly-by-night get-rich quick scheme.
It cheapens the idea of raw foodism.


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