I am a bit confused of late. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I find myself thinking that the food I am eating needs salt.

I have never ever ever wanted salt or salt-ish products — I mean, as a child, I wanted popcorn with no salt (soy sauce and tamari struck me as nasty, and even a drop of Bragg’s was just too strong), or used it in my personal cooking (I put it in my recipes because others do want salt, but I do not use it when I prepare food for myself).  I know there is salt in the foods I eat in restaurants, but that is about the limit of my salt intake.  I eat out only rarely (to date, this year, I have eaten out 4 times).

Now, suddenly, I seem to have a taste for salt. Although I do keep a shaker of sea salt for guests, I have resisted using it so far (I would be a salt beginner — how much is enough? How much is too much? Put it in the food? Put it on the food?)

I haven’t gone very far into adding more high sodium raw foods, but I have been using kalamata olives in my marinated massaged greens. I know that celery is very high in sodium, but I don’t happen to like celery, not the texture, not the taste, not the smell. The traditional concept for folks who want to cut down on salt, of using more herbs, will not work for me, because I already use a lot of herbs and spices.

I am not sure what to do right now, other than to go on thinking that things would be better with salt. Maybe I should do a little miso from time to time.

My educational and practical experience in natural healing (and, also, just living inside this body) tells me that foods I do not like are probably bad for me, and foods I have a taste for have something that I need — this has worked for me all of my life, and, if I recall correctly, it has been supported by natural nutrition experts– other than myself.)  Perhaps, at this point in my life, with my intense hot yoga schedule, and my fairly stressful job (I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but there are aspects of it that send me ungrounded, and often invite tension — I wear enough protection- and stress-oriented gemstone jewelry to outfit a small jewelry shop).  This background information leads me to think that, perhaps, I should pick up that salt shaker and experiment (oh, but the YUCK factor I feel is so inbred and cultural… I DO NOT WANT TO).  Medicine?  Perhaps I should think medicine, and force myself.  Ahhh!!! I have it!!! The only times I have willing added salt to my diet have been when I have been doing the Master Cleanse … time to do a Master Cleanser.  Okay… next week — must get lemons.



  1. You’re right to say that when you body likes something, it means it’s good for you and vice versa.

    I’ve heard somebody said that in order for this to work, we must have strong ‘goodness’ in us… in other words, if we have a good heart, and we have a liking for something, that means it’s good for us.

    If we don’t have a good heart, and we have liking for something, that may be harmful to us.

    But I think, your yearning for salt is good for you! I use salt for healing and cleansing; and some sea salt for food. They’re good!


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