Last night, I picked up some blueberries at the market. When I got home, I put them in the Vitamix with about an equal amount of water (I think I had about 8 oz. of blueberries, and I added about 8 oz. of water– which does not look like the same amount as the blueberries.  I ate one blueberry and it did not seem terribly sweet, so I added a sprinkle of stevia and then I processed the blueberries in the Vitamix until I had a smooth, thick mix.
I poured the blueberries into two bowls and put them in the refrigerator until I had prepared dinner and we had eaten (maybe one hour total). When I took out the bowls, the blueberries were like a jello. My room-mate and I both marveled at how the blueberries had such a gel-like consistency. She even asked me if I had added “kanten”, a Japanese seaweed used to make gels.

I have used this recipe to make blueberry pie, by putting the processed blueberries in a pie crust made with nuts and dates, but we were having a very varied meal as it was, so I did not want to add too much to the food combination mix.

I think that, the next time I make this dessert, I will make a cashew cream to top it, but it was very good all by itself.

I have heard that frozen blueberries will not do the same thing. I have never tried it with frozen blueberries.

I got the idea to do this dessert from my weird experiences with putting blueberries in smoothies — I have put blueberries in my protein smoothie and ended up with something that I had to spoon even if I drank the smoothie right away — right away, for blueberries, is, apparently, less than one minute… each second you wait seems to intensify the “thick milkshake” effect.


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