it’s that time again… people are thinking about shopping for a turkey, and what they will make to accompany it, and raw food people are wondering what they will do.

If you are expected to join your family for Thanksgiving dinner, the best way to manage that is to prepare one or two dishes that you are willing to eat and that you think the other people at the table might enjoy — you solve your problem of only being able to eat salad, and you “missionize” subtly by showing people something easy to prepare that tastes good and *is raw*.

If you are far from your family, or otherwise will not be joining them, then you can prepare your raw food feast unfettered.

I have a number of different choices for Thanksgiving dishes which hark back to the old tastes.  There are even “rawturkey” recipes, concocted from raw vegetables to be reminiscent of that old Thanksgiving staple.  There are pumpkin pie recipes, sweet potato recipes, and more.

Best of all, all of these recipes are free!  That’s right — I do not charge for my holiday recipes as of yet.  Just go to Holiday Recipes


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