Here is an interesting article from RAW FOOD RIGHT NOW, about how to save a raw food recipe from the garbage pail, i.e., what to do to save the day when a recipe turns out yucky.  I sure do wish I had known these things about 2000 recipes ago!

Stop! Don’t Throw That Recipe Away!

Today, we are going to give you some really useful tips to save any recipe from becoming a disaster.

Have you ever made a recipe that you found online, or in a recipe book, that was a total disaster? Trust us, it happens, even to us when we’re experimenting with recipes. We’ve been sent a lot of raw recipe books to review on the blog, and after trying out some of the recipes in these books, we can say that at least 25% of recipes in fancy raw recipe books published by big publishing houses and found in bookstores have recipes that are disasters.

Some of these disasters could be a typo, but it could be just a bad recipe… you never know!

Maybe they listed too much oil or the wrong amount of spices, or maybe it asked for way too many bulbs of garlic and everything tastes like garlic no matter what you do!

We’ve been there. And after today, you will never have to face that sad moment of tossing out all of that hard work and money.

7 Tips For Saving Your Raw Recipe From Disaster-ville

  1. Too oily? A lot of recipes can be completely ruined by putting in too much oil. If this happens, it’s hard to go back unless you want to make a very large batch of whatever you are making by adding in tons of the dry ingredients. Try adding some good spices and flavors to turn it into a veggie dip or salad dressing. This way, you can have it for salads, or use it to dress up just about any dish.

  2. Too salty? This can happen just as easily with making something too oily. You can either add more of the rest of the ingredients, or put in something sweet to balance out the salt. A drizzle of agave nectar sometimes helps, but sometimes you have to salvage an extra salty recipe with honey, or even maple syrup.
  3. Too spicy? Ouch. The best way to balance out too much spicy heat is to add some sort of fat, be it a creamy avocado, or perhaps some coconut oil or olive oil, depending on the recipe. You could also try adding some sweetness and see if that helps. Another good trick is to add lemon juice or lime juice. This can help cut any spicy flavor to make it more palatable.
  4. Too sweet? Depending on if this is a smoothie or some other dish, adding salt can help cut sweetness. Try also adding more oil or fats. If it is too sweet and the recipe calls for leafy greens, you can always add a bunch more leafy greens and they will balance out the sweetness.
  5. Too thick? This is most easily fixed with adding water, although sometimes that may not even do it. This one is tricky. If you do add water, we suggest you add water in small amounts, slowly, so you don’t end up with some weird coagulated blob. Go slow on this one!
  6. Too much of one ingredient? Too much garlic? You can either up the other ingredients equally, or try adding in a fat to cut the garlic. We recommend avocadoes in this situation, depending on the recipe.
  7. Oh no! The ultimate disaster! If you’ve tried all the above tricks and you’ve still got something you can’t stomach… When all else fails, you can dump it all into your blender and keep adding something until it tastes palatable. Boom! Instant smoothie or soup.

    Our favorite to add to an ultimate recipe disaster is greens or fruit. If all else fails, at least you have a savory green smoothie…still nutritious and fulfilling!

that you know how to save any recipe from impending doom, you will never have to throw away all that time and money, not to mention emotional investment. You will feel like a master chef in the kitchen now, able to save even the most disgusting recipe into a decadent delight.

~ Heidi and JS
Raw Food Right Now


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