I went after the acorn squash today.  I have two, so I decided I could experiment with one of them.

First, I figured out how to peel the booger.  I halved it, and scooped out the seeds (I’m dehydrating my squash seeds — I read somewhere that they are the same as pumpkin seeds, and so I am experimenting with that concept– we’ll see)  Then, I cut each half into quarters and attacked the quarters with my German-born vegetable peeler (I really thought it might break, because the squash was really hard to peel, but, in the end, I had success!)

This time, once again, the slice of squash I took tasted nutty.   I threw half of the squash in the food processor with onion, red bell pepper, black pepper, garlic, Spike, and a very little olive oil and processed it all into almost mush.  I found that I could make little balls, so I used them in the salad mix I made.  They still turned out very sweet.

I’ve read some recipes for squash patties that suggest mixing with sunflower seeds — I think I may try that with some of the other half of the squash (which I saved in the refrigerator).

I think that, with the other acorn squash, I will just go with the sweet and make a pie or just a “pudding” with some walnuts or some almond cream, or something.  Maybe some cinnamon? (My room-mate says the squash tastes like sweet potato — NOT!!– but it IS that kind of sweet)

I still have a “sunshine” squash that is the size of a medium-size pumpkin… so I will be experimenting for a while.  Soup??  Pie???  Squash burgers????  The world is my oyster!


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