The dumpling squash were incredibly sweet. They could be dessert.

These squash were very hard to peel. I actually ending up just slicing off the peeling as best I could, and sacrificing a good bit of squash as I did. Oh well… my major fear was that I would chop off a finger in the bargain.

Inside, the squash was a typical “squash orange-y yellow”. The flesh was hard. I sliced off a sliver to taste it – it tasted nutty to me so I decided to grind up the squash in the food processor with some garlic and some chili spice and a little olive oil. After a quick taste, to see if my seasoning was right, I put the squash in the refrigerator, planning to take it to work for lunch today.

This afternoon, when I took the first bite, I was surprised. Despite the chili seasoning, the onions, the garlic, and the olive oil, it could be a dessert. I ate about 5 more bites before I decided it was too sweet for me at that moment, and I would rather just fast with water than eat lunch.

Now, I have three squash left – 2 acorn squash and a “sunshine” squash. Since I have two of the acorn squash, I am going to put one in the food processor with nothing else, then put it in the refrigerator for the night and see what it tastes like in the morning before I decide what to do with it and how to season it. If it goes sweet, I will probably make a nut cream to top it and use it for dessert.


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