My Current Lifestyle

I’m beginning to feel like a personal chef here.  My schedule has gone all screwy, and I am working at night, with a three hour break in the afternoon.  My room-mate and I have an agreement that we will each cook two days a week.  Because of my schedule, I find myself running home to prepare something for dinner at a time when I am not hungry.  Curiously, I find myself more into making the plate look pretty.

On Monday, I made a salad with most of the lettuce I had left from last Thursday’s delivery.  I added sliced scallions, sliced sweet red pepper, sliced tomato, and some herbs, then chopped up about 7 walnut halves and sprinkled them over the top.  To the plate,  I added beet salad, and wilted beet greens.  I garnished with thin slices of the pretty red and white beets.

Tonight, I made the same salad again (without onion, since I’ve run out), same garnish.  To the plate, I added the rest of the beet salad and a “salad” of chopped green beans and sweet red peppers with olive oil and garlic.

Both nights, I just threw some tomatoes in the blender with various vegetables, and drank it down as I was washing the dishes.  I am looking forward to sitting down to dinner again, hopefully soon.


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