7/17/08 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

This is the week I will get 40 lbs of Roma tomatoes in addition to the regular share!!!!  (I’m excited but…. this is the week I am working from 8AM to 9PM!!!!!  Oh well, challenges are ways to see how good you are getting!  I am going to have to clear the kitchen tomorrow night so I can go to work directly when I get home on Thursday night.  I think I may make a lot of tomato juice this year, just to lighten the load!!!)

The farm newsletters says the share will be:

SCALLIONS……………..1 bunch
RED TOMATOES……..2 pieces
EGGPLANT………………2 pieces
POTATOES……………….2 lb.
GREEN BEANS…………1 bag

FRUIT SHARE – no idea what we will get – the Monday deliveries get peaches and raspberries – I hope we do, too.  I know what to do with peaches!!!

This week will most likely be a “plain vanilla” experience.  I get off at 3pm, and will probably get home around 3:45. I usually go to pick up my share around 6 pm, and can trade out things that I don’t want for things others have left.  This week, however, I will have to go by 4:30, so I can pick up and bag everything, and then come home and dump it in the kitchen, and get back on the road before 5:30, so as to be back at work by 6pm.  I will just have to take what is in the box, and give what I don’t like to the neighbors.  Such is life… just hope I get the peaches!


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