9/11/08 SHARE: WHAT I GOT: and what I think I will do with it

What was actually in the box was:

  • RED TOMATOES…………6 pieces. I traded my eggplant for 5 more tomatoes!
  • CHERRY TOMATOES……1 pint. These turned out to be the yellow tomatoes again – no problem– but it
  • but it was not a whole pint.
  • SCALLIONS………………1 bunch. I traded the catalope for another bunch of scallions.
  • LONG RED PEPPER……..1 piece
  • BROCCOLI………………2-3 pieces .. What broccoli? I did not get broccoli!
  • GREEN BEANS………….1/2 lb……..I traded my beans for a beet share.
  • EGGPLANT……………..1 piece. TRADED
  • CHIOGGIA BEETS……..1 bunch

The beets came with very nice greens, so I know that I am going to do my marinated greens tomorrow afternoon – they will hold me through the weekend! I am going to make my favorite beet recipe tomorrow to make a dent in the beets, and then I will juice some of them.

The orange bell pepper will go to my “cheddar cheez” – I haven’t made any in a long while, and I am looking forward to it.

I will probably just eat the yellow cherry tomatoes as snacks (I have done so every time I’ve gotten them – they are so sweet!)

Again, lucky me! I have a pile of tomatoes (Okay, eight of them) Juice city!!

Scallions!!! Yea! Scallions!!! I said “green onions”, and said how I was happy to have onions in my share, and was corrected by the volunteer (okay, some people feel a need to rain on your party, or correct you, even if they don’t know you — and, anyway, this week, the volunteers did not feel the need to post the OFFICIAL NAMES OF THE VEGETABLES IN THE BOXES.) I don’t care! Onions work like onions. If they are “spring onions”, “green onions”, “scallions”, red onions, white onions, or yellow onions, I use them in the same way – if I need onions, they go in the recipe. All they have to be is spicy. I just am not “gourmet” about onions.

The red pepper will probably do duty with the marinated greens and also in a smoothie.


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