It’s been eggplant season, apparently.  I dutifully collected eggplants and took them home to try new recipes supposed to make me like eggplant.  With only one more recipe to go (a bacon-like recipe), I have pretty much decided that eggplant is not for me.  No problem. I never cooked eggplant, either.  There is really no point to trying to like it raw if I did not like it cooked.  Now all I have to do is find a taker for any more eggplants I get in my box.


2 responses to “I’M GIVING UP ON EGGPLANT

  1. Oh, I ADORE eggplant in moussaka and so many Middle Eastern “cooked” recipes. I was looking forward to some raw ones. 😀

    I’ve found a few and I’m anxious to try them. But if you are opposed and finally decided, then not much influence I can have.

    Eggplants are best when done with Thai or Middle Eastern spices – especially fresh nutmeg and sweet spices. HMMM. Almost makes me want to go unraw! Don’t tempt me with moussaka, I’m weak. 😀

  2. I would gladly try new recommended recipes. I’ve just been on my own, desperately trying anything, and not having much success. I traded my eggplant today for another share of tomatoes. If you have some good recipes please do let me know about them. I would love to join eggplant queendom.

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