FIGURED OUT FINGER FOOD– some raw books call them sandwiches

I rushed home from work (having eaten nothing all day and realizing that I should eat something before throwing myself into hot yoga).  With one hour left before my class — they tell us to eat 3 or 4 hours before class– I took a lettuce leaf, spread some “cheddar cheez’ I made last night, then laid on some arugula, some chopped up tomato, some chopped onion, and some basil leaves. I rolled up the whole thing, — voila! finger food!!! and ate it.

I thought this was a really neat way to get a salad down quickly (salad so feels like dinner or some other meal, like I should sit at table and focus on my food.  (I think I can focus on my food while I am shoving it in my mouth and doing something with the other hand… okay… so much for conscious eating- i am consciously eating what is in my left hand while I am consciously correcting papers with my right hand… ??? conscious multitasking????)

I think cheaters call this a sandwich or a burrito.  I am still waiting to learn how to make a bread that will make a REAL sandwich.

i have two new bread recipes… as soon as I can finance the ingredients, I will make them and hopefully be able to eat a new sandwich.


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