I have been refusing to eat… I get up, drink some water, go to work, drink water, and maybe eat a one of my date bars or a Lara bar, go home, drink more water, and  maybe have a fruit smoothie with the fruit of the week (I am drinking a banana blueberry smoothie right now because I forced myself to do it).

I don’t know why I am not eating. I am thinking about all the share vegetables in the refrigerator, and I know easy recipes, but I am not eating.

oh well. I know I will have to fit in some protein at some point.  I will figure it out if I haven’t started eating in a couple of days.


One response to “REFUSING TO EAT

  1. Hi. Stumbled upon your blog today via Google. You might want to get checked out by a doctor. Seems that when we’re not hungry, our bodies are in a fasting mode, which only occurs when we’re sick. Could also be that you are eating, but only fruit smoothies and bars, which have a lot of fruit/sugar in them – you’re obviously needing sugar in your diet for one reason or another. I’m no doctor, but when you’re not hungry (as you should be everyday) something is amiss. I’d get it checked.

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