My demo went great!!!!!!!
There were other people demonstrating food there (I think most of them were zucchini-based, which is good, because I had decided, at the last minute, not to do zucchini pasta)

I made massaged marinated greens and my famous beet salad. Because this demo was accompanied by recipes and explanations, as well as brief bios of the presenters, I got a lot of interest – a number of people came to my table precisely because they were interested in raw food (they told me so), and many others came because they were curious about how I could make something “down-home-cooked” that was totally raw (summers here are searing, and lots of people choose not to go with airconditioning, so “salad options” are of interest among those who are tired of salads. I also got quite a bit of interest in my beet salad…… a number of people actually told me that they didn’t like beets and then came back for seconds (ooh! I do think my beet salad is so evil because it always gains converts to beets and to raw food!!!!!!!)

Okay, so I am proud. I am so proud that I want the CSA to do another food demo, and, if I can get up the gumption, I am going to offer to sponsor such an event, since I was brushed off when, at the end of the night, I said it would be fun to do another one…

I have gleaned all of the recipes from my entire blog, and I have them mostly categorized (I think I need to go through and categorize again, and maybe create a detailed listing, by vegetable, as well as by category, and recipe… first, I will put all the recipes up, as soon as I make sure that they are reasonably accessible to most people, i.e., they give enough information that the average person can manage them, and so that most beginners and figure them out.)

I’d like to give you a due date, but… if I did that, I probably wouldn’t make it. If I don’t, you will be happily surprised when I announce it. (I have learned)


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