I made zucchini pasta tonight with a round zucchini.  I don’t think it tastes any different from regular zucchini, but it sure was easier to spiralize.  If I can get round zucchinis again for a reasonable price (ha ha ha), I will snap them up in a heartbeat.
I did my usual almond/tomato/sun-dried tomato/onion/garlic spaghetti sauce.
I also made a green smoothie (yes! You heard me right. I, me, myself, really made a green smoothie and drank it down!)
I put in a head of some long green leaves I got in my box last Thursday.  I added about 4 tomatoes, an onion, two celery stalks, and a red bell pepper, a cup of carrot/beet juice.  It was a weird dark red brown, but it was okay to drink. I’m thinking about adding garlic to the next one, and maybe Tabasco (no, it’s not raw, but it IS gooooood)


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