I’m excited again!!! Vegetables coming!!!! Just seeing how excited the other people looked when they opened their boxes last week brought me back to wonder of the CSA distribution.  Yippee!!!! Yes, I remember how I struggled to make the payments earlier in the year, but… now it is like free food, all of  it good, some of it mysterious….

Here is what they promise this week:

TOSCANO KALE………………..1 bunch
BROCCOLI……………………….1 piece
STRAWBERRIES…………………1 pint
RHUBARB.……………………….1 bunch

I’m very excited about the rhubarb – I still need to figure out some raw recipes, but last year, I made a very nice citrus-y drink with some of it.  The strawberries are a plus!!!! How nice of them to include some strawberries in the regular distribution (for those of us who did not order the “fruit extension”) I will be getting the regular fruit share when that starts, but this is a nice nice plus.

I love kale – I make a nice raw marinated/massaged kale dish — I will post a new variation shortly.

I am not your biggest fan of lettuce, so I will probably trot off to get some apples and bananas to make smoothies with the lettuce.

This is my first experience with chard. It looks like lettuce. I will have to play with it.  Maybe it is marinatable.

Broccoli is broccoli. Maybe I can come up with something new to do with it this time.

I went to a raw food fair this past weekend and stood by the Vitamix lady (she was a new one, and very cute – I mean, she had the patter, but she added something to it… it almost seemed like she was talking to a pal in her kitchen, rather than just repeating the same spiel over and over again.) I watched her make about 4 things, so I got some new ideas.


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