I was stuck for what to make for dinner tonight– it was my turn to prepare dinner and I hadn’t thought it out, but I stopped by the market and picked up two pretty red Roma (or maybe they were “plum” – what is the difference?) tomatoes and a “seedless” English cucumber.  (I have seen these cucumbers but never been able to justify the cost, but this one was discounted, so I got it.

I soaked some dehydrated parsnips, chopped some red bell pepper that I had, finely sliced the cucumber and the tomatoes, and then went to town.

I added finely chopped red bell pepper to the drained and squeezed dry parsnips added some freshly finely chopped garlic, and then drizzled in some olive oil, and mixed everything well.

I put the finely sliced cucumbers and tomatoes in a bowl with some Spike, some olive oil, and some apple cider vinegar ,and waited.

Dinner was delicious


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