I’ve got 3 graduating classes this weekend, so I am making crackers and cheez… I am making my two favorite cracker recipes – my delicious corn crackers based on a recipe I learned from Lillian Butler at the long-gone Raw Soul and my sunflower seed crackers based on a recipe from Living in the Raw, by Rose Ann Calabro. I think I might make two cheezes – one spicy– or I might make some salsa with my leftover tomato sauce from the zucchini pasta last night.

It is always “fun” when I bring y students the crackers — they are not quite sure if they should try them because they are American-made, and many of my foreign students are convinced they cannot like anything American. I know I will get fans from the people who want “halal” or “kosher”, and I have quite a few of those.

The best time was when I had a raw foodist in my class… he was standing around smiling shyly and avoiding all the food on the table, but when I explained to him that I, the raw food teacher, had brought the crackers and cheez, and that I could personally attest to the fact that they were made of totally raw vegan ingredients and even give him the recipe, he came over and chowed down with the rest of the class.

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