I’M BACK – the CSA is starting up again

Yes, I know… I have been lazy. Without deliveries of unexpected vegetables (okay, I did learn, over the winter, to expect carrots, parsnips, and potatoes!), I did not feel like coming here.

Now, HALLELUIA!!!! I have finished paying off the $722 for my summer share with fruit and 2 tomato shares. I am doing this all by myself this year, because, last year, sharing, I always had to go to the market anyway. This year, I will only have to go to the market for sprouting things and nuts and flax seeds.

I am looking forward to this year, and REALLY REALLY hoping that the farmers are not so lettuce-focused!!! I learned a lot about lettuce last year, but I still don’t really like it (probably because I do not like salads.

The season starts up in the beginning of June, as I understand it. Then I will have my own private competition to use everything in the box.

Be here!!!!


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