Oh, I am just a little sad. Unexpectedly (okay, so I did not check the news in the newsletter), I found out that tonight’s delivery was the last of the Winter distribution... I certainly will miss the friendly atmosphere of this distribution, which, in a large part, if not entirely, has been due to Liz’s wonderful friendliness and hospitality. There just wasn’t the same feeling during the summer … Many thanks, Liz, for all you’ve done, and for the atmosphere you’ve created.

At the distribution, I met a woman who had been at my raw food demo, who told me that she has been passing around my kale/collards recipe… It was very nice of her to tell me that her friends are liking my recipe so much.

Meanwhile, now that there is no more distribution, I guess I will have to go back to the supermarket. Wow. I wonder what that will be like. I cannot remember…. gee! Okay, maybe I can get some zucchini and make some pasta…. every cloud has a silver lining!

Okay, so what came in the last box?
I got
a lot of beets
a lot of turnips (including the largest turnip I have ever seen: this baby is as big around as my dinner plates, and as tall as a coffee cup)
a lot of carrots
a lot of parsnips
a lot of potatoes
total 25 lbs of vegetables

10 lbs of apples
1 quart of apple cider

I gave a few of the apples and about 2/3 of the potatoes to Mrs. Murphy next door.  I saved back about 5 potatoes because I want to try one more potato recipe before I give up completely (or until more potatoes come in the summer distributions)

I have to have made my final payment for summer distribution by May 1. (I have already made a $200 payment, and I will make another tonight, and another at the beginning of next month, then my last payment right at the end of April  Since I am going to do one share by myself (@ $500) and get a fruit share and 2 tomato shares, this is going to run a little over $700 for from the end of May to the end of November, but I think it will be worth it, because I will not have to go to a supermarket during that time (unless I get a hankering for an avocado or something that was not in the box) I will get a whole lot of vegetables to eat during the week, and what I cannot eat, I can dehydrate for later (one of my mainstays this winter has been the pile of bags of dehydrated vegetables from last summer – I have had, basically “free” “sun-dried” tomatoes all winter, and I still have more left.)  Actually, I am getting excited about all of this (probably because I am paying so much money).  In the end, I will probably spend a good bit less on my organic vegetables than I would in an organic supermarket.

I am looking forward to coming up with some new recipes.


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