I was very disappointed to realize today that my entire crop of wheat sprouts (two separate jars each with 1/2 C wheat berries) had failed.  I had  dutifully soaked the wheat for 12 hours and then faithfully rinsed it twice daily.  I wondered, on the second day of sprouting why I did not see any little sprouts.  On the third day, by which time I usually see fairly long tails on my wheat berries, I had to accept that my wheat had died.  I sniffed it, and it did not smell the way sprouting wheat usually does. It may even have smelled a little on the sour side. I don’t know why this happened.  Maybe it is just something that has to happen once in a while. I have never lost a crop of wheat sprouts before, though, and I am very disappointed.  Oh well. Back to start.  I am going to miss my rejuvelac for a few days.  I was looking forward to making some of my rejuvelac chablis… Oh well.


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