I have never said anything about the taste of rejuvelac.

Most authorities say it has a lemonade taste.  Okay.  Maybe it does.

I have just made up a big batch of rejuvelac (my first time to make a whole gallon at a time– I bought a gallon jar this week).  It tastes right, i.e., I am not surprised by the taste.

Does this taste like lemonade?  Okay,  if I want it to, it does.  I would say it has that sour flavor that lemon does…. and stop.

Is it easily drinkable?  For me it always has been.  When you pour it,  it is cloudy.  If you don’t drink it right up, some of the cloudiness will settle, and you might want to not drink that part.

I am, for the first time, making a second batch of rejuvelac with the first batch’s wheat.  I am also making some rejuvelac wine with my own recipe of raisins and mulling spices.


4 responses to “REJUVELAC NOTES

  1. It is true, it does have a lemon like sour taste. I don’t think it tastes like lemonade. I have been making rejuvelac quite often. I’m the only one in my home who will drink it. I often put it in a wine glass because I like to enjoy it as an elegant drink. I would like to try the different recipes. They look so good. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I’ve been adding some raw agave nectar to sweeten it a little. To me it tastes like sprouts, which is what it is, fermented sprout water.

    Since I no longer drink alcohol (coming up on 20 years sober), I haven’t tried the champagne or other rejuvelac wine recipes, although they sound delicious.

    To our health!

    100% Thubten – Day 61

  3. Oh, goodness! The rejuvelac wine recipes are totally non-alcoholic. They just taste vaguely like wine, and the champagne is a little fizzy.
    I don’t know that I would add agave nectar or anything else like that, but, with the wine recipes, I do add raisins or dates.

  4. Since I’m posting this a little over 5 years since the last reply, I’m hoping that someone can answer my question. I’m a recovering alcoholic since 1996 and am very careful with what I eat. For instance, I’ll only use non-alcoholic vanilla extract, and I will not eat anything that’s cooked with alcohol (it’s not entirely cooked out, regardless of what you may have read). It sounds like rejuvelac contains trace amounts of alcohol. Is there any substitute for rejuvelac that I can use that’s 100% alcohol-free?

    FROM ME:
    Rejuvelac does not contain alcohol any more than a pickle would. It is a lacto-fermented product.

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