I had to break my Master Cleanse fast at day 15 (I had planned to go on for 40 days, and I was doing well), because of a “family” problem:  I realized that my room-mate had  not been eating (real food) during the time that I was fasting.  The realization came slowly…. one day I started noticing that there were no dishes in the drainer, and the only garbage was my lemon peels….  I talked to her, and found she was having problems (I think they might well have been related to a lack of protein, vitamins, and Omega 3s). The day after we talked, and after she had said that she would start eating properly, when I asked, she told me that she had eaten a bagel (I know that she will have eaten more than that… she does not count cookies, crackers, cakes, pies, doughnuts, and so on, as eating), so I told her that I was going to break my fast and that, for a while, we would be eating together again, i.e., I am responsible for preparing food 2 days a week, and she is responsible the other 2 days.  the days she cooks, I usually have to prepare something for myself, because, although she does make a very good salad, she is on the SAD side of the dietary equation for the most part.

I broke my fast mostly by just doing the lemonade for two more days knowing that I was breaking the fast (Burroughs says to drink orange juice, but I cannot).  Then I drank some more lemonade on the third day, and ate a blended salad/soup for dinner.

I’m back to eating solids.  As soon as I get my room-mate eating normally again, I will start a Master Cleanse again.



  1. 10 days is good. 15 days is great! It’s ok that you didn’t complete 40 days. 15 days gives you a nice, squeaky, clean system.

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