I LIED: There are more vegetables in my refrigerator

A post or two ago, I said that I had taken care of all the vegetables. It wasn’t exactly true. I went through the refrigerator and found a ton of carrots, or maybe 10 lbs., lying around doing nothing. Then I found a pile of turnips and another pile of beets. Where did they come from? Who knows. They were still working, still alive, so….oh! and then there were the turnips. I completely forgot about the apples from my last CSA share! I had almost forgotten about them…. anyway, the beets, carrots, and turnips are done, and the apples are in the dehydrator. I still have to do the parsnips I got last Thursday — that will be tomorrow.

The fun thing, for me right now at this time in my life, so to speak, is that I am able to do all this work, hanging out with these vegetables that I happen to love, while I am doing my Master Cleanse.

Actually, to tell the truth, I was feeling hungry this afternoon. I was marking a bunch of ESL student essays, and my stomach started complaining (now I know it was desperation). I decided to take a break and do the apples, and… voila! Hunger gone!!!! Yes, of course, they smelled good, but I just was not hungry. Cool!!!!

I found some organic lemons at Whole Foods for $4.99 for a bag of 12. I thought it was a great deal, until I started to measure out the juice and realized that I was getting more juice out of the lemons at the local market where the lemons were 4 for $2.00. I did not really save any money and I have to work harder. C’est la vie.

For some reason, this time, I am noticing how much Master Cleanse costs (it could be that I don’t get paid until Thursday). Lemons do not seem as cheap as they were before. I am going on my second jug of maple syrup. Perhaps it is just that I am noticing. Maybe it has always been this way.

All items for the Master Cleanse

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