MASTER CLEANSE ISSUES: You wouldn’t expect these!!!

I am doing very well on my Master Cleanse (fast), but, this time, I am running into a challenge I never expected — I have to go to bed earlier!!!!

On the Master Cleanse, you need to get up about 1-1/2 hours earlier than usual, to allow yourself enough time (after you drink the salt water cleanse, you need to wait until it goes through your system, and that takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour the first day, and then less time thereafter, but you need to figure in a couple of bathroom visits, so you need about 1-1/2 hours in the morning to “get through the protocol”, so to speak.

As a result, I have to go to bed earlier. This is a problem, because most of the TV shows I watch come on at 10pm.

Since I work online while I am watching my shows, this is a big crimp in my lifestyle that I did not expect this time (when I have done the Master Cleanse prevously, I did not have to be at work as early as I do now.). I am missing my shows, and I am missing my on-line time at the same time (I watch TV and work on-line at the same time)

If you are considering doing Master Cleanse, do figure in your sleep time, since you will have to wake up earlier, to make your lemonade for the day, and to to your business.

All items for the Master Cleanse


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