MY NEW BOOK: Charlie Trotter’s Raw

I’ve just gotten a copy of Raw by Charlie Trotter. I am truly excited.
I was curious, after I read Raw Food/Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis, which had fantastic sounding recipes, but did not tempt me to make anything (everything sounded to me like I would need a personal chef)
Raw, on the other hand, starts off with several recipes that I know I could make without too much fiddling around. Furthermore, in the introduction, Charlie Trotter mentions that he became interested in what things should go with what…. (I sniff food-combining)…. I’ve only had time to leaf through quickly and drool on maybe 20 pages, but the recipes do seem to have been devised considering food combining concepts (I’m not so sure that, if you make the whole meal, as suggested on each page, that you would have good food combining, but, then, I haven’t looked that closely at all that. Never mind. There’s actually a recipe for crepes in there. There are also recipes for some of these exotic vegetables I keep getting in my CSA share box .

This is great reading while I am doing my Master Cleanser (yes, my hobby, when I am fasting, is reading recipe books) . Unfortunately, I will not be able to use what I’ve just gotten in my share box — I will have to dehydrate all of that, or maybe pickle some of it (I’ve just come across some cool sounding pickle recipes), but, then again, maybe the stuff I dehydrate can be used in the recipes when I am back on food. I can always try.

I will revisit the book here when I start eating again. Meanwhile, you really should check out this book.


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