MASTER CLEANSER: reasons people fail

I’m thinking a lot about Master Cleanser right now (duh!)

The first time I did a Master Cleanse, it was all by myself. Nobody had any misgivings, and nobody had to quit. I just went on and on until I stopped (I forgot to read that the Master Cleanse can be done up to 40 days, so I stopped at 10 days). I did great.

Once, I agreed to to a Master Cleanse with a friend. I did great. She, on the other hand, began to experience fatigue, extreme hunger, and faintness on the second day. (I should mention that she was on the “hefty” side). I have since seen a number of people experience the same “symptoms” on the Master Cleanse, and I have come upon an explanation as to why some people have serious trouble on the Master Cleanse.

The way I see it, some people who try the Master Cleanse but cannot go through with it are fearsome. I really do believe that some people have a fear of not eating food Most such people are what I call “constant feeders”,(i.e., they eat often during the day, as opposed to eating only at mealtimes, three times a day). “Fear eaters” have trouble on any kind of diet, because they are in constant fear that they will not get enough food. On the Master Cleanse, they do not get any of what they consider food, and, so, they freak out early on, and cannot continue with the Master Cleanse. (I base my theory on what people have told me: that they felt they were not getting enough nourishment — although the Master Cleanse fulfills all nutritional requirements), or that they did not have enough protein in their diet (although they had previously done well on low protein weight loss diets consisting primarily of raw salads).

The other group of people I have found who do not do well on the Master Cleanse are those who feel they must alter the recipe. As I see it, the recipe was developed because it worked. Alterations risk failure or lack of benefits (either way would be failure as I see it). The Master Cleanse, as it was originally devised, works extremely well and is quite easy to do.

When people begin to tinker with things, quite often, they come up with something else. In the case of the Master Cleanse, if it is changed, it does not work, and, so, people will experience problems completing a Master Cleanse program.

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