I have broken my Juice Feast and started a Master Cleanser.

I had already figured out that, if you try something, and it just doesn’t agree with you, you should probably stop it. I do slog on for a bit, just to make sure I cannot get used to whatever it is, but there comes a time when I have to pull the plug.

Anyone who has come into contact with me in the past few weeks will likely be happy to know this.

No, I did not suddenly become enlightened – the tip-off as to why we were not getting along was a big-time physical issue (yes, boys and girls, raw foodies can get sick). Good! I know! I can get on with healing!

So… when I broke the Juice Feast, I  started a Master Cleanser. Anytime I have had to face down something seriously annoying (i.e., a big problem) in the past, it has helped me. I am putting my faith in it this time, too. I do know that, no matter what, I will feel better.

I do like the Master Cleanser. I love my lemonade. I am happy and friendly now.

What is the Master Cleanser, you might ask. Actually, I have spent the last couple of days writing a page detailing the Master Cleanser: what it does, why you would do it, how you do it, and responses to misgivings and/or objections. Please do look at it and see if it doesn’t answer your questions.

I will be adding more information as I go along on my Master Cleanse. Meanwhile, if you like, you can check out Stanley Burroughs’ book on the Master Cleanser Unfortunately, Burroughs’ fantastic book on natural healing, Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, in which he first published the Master Cleanser, is no longer published (I have a few copies, available at a reasonable price, if you are interested)


All items for the Master Cleanse


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