I now know how much coconut meat (on average) is in a young coconut.  I made two pina coladas — one this morning, and one this evening, and the coconut is now history.  Since I put 1 C of coconut in each pina colada, my elementary math skills lead me to the conclusion that there is 1/2 C meat in the average young coconut.


1 C young coconut meat
1-1/2 C pineapple
dash stevia (optional)
2 C water

Process all ingredients until smooth in a VitaMix (or other high speed blender)

The original recipe I looked at called for only 1 C pineapple, 2 C orange juice, and no stevia,  but I had no oranges, so, instead, first, I substituted 2 C water and another 1/2 C pineapple.  The first time I made it (early in the morning), I thought it wasn’t sweet enough, so I added a dash of stevia powder.  This evening, when I made up the mix, I tasted it before adding the stevia, and decided that it was sweet enough without it.   I think 2 C of orange juice would be way too sweet, but substituting 1/2 C orange juice for 1/2 water would probably be good.

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