RAW GREEK FOOD?? sounds yum!

I’ve just come across this new recipe book The Raw Greek by Gina Panayi, which looks to be an interesting read at the very least. It has raw versions of traditional Greek dishes…. something new to think about… The recipes are modeled to look and taste like traditional Greek foods, with all raw ingredients.


One response to “RAW GREEK FOOD?? sounds yum!

  1. Now, I have seen a review on amazon.commenting that the book is too short, and contains too few recipes for the price…. I don’t know… the reviewer did not comment on whether or not the recipes were any good… I mean…. how much would I pay for some really good raw Greek recipes? (I just finished paying over $30 for a video with 12 raw Southern recipes– if you can’t get them anywhere else (I’ve been waiting for Lillian Butler to publish hers, and even offered to edit a book for her, but we’re still waiting….), then the price is probably reasonable, yes?

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