CHRISTMAS TRAVEL: it’s not so bad

people have been telling me that you cannot carry food through security in the airports. I had invented a whole spiel about how I am on a special allergy limited diet, and I cannot eat food that has not been prepared by me. I did not need it. I made it both ways this time.

The last time I had trouble traveling with food was when I carried my delicious cheddar cheez dip with crackers (they made me eat it in front of them, then they threw it out and patted me down and wanded me, and made me take off my belt … and, well, you don’t want to know.

This time, I took whole apples and whole pears, and a plastic knife to cut them. The plastic knife, in my favorite color – black- drew some initial attention, but I proceeded without much ado.

Coming back, I had grated beets… but they were not grated to my favorite fine-ness, so they did not qualify as a cream or liquid, so, after a little initial sniffing by eager security guards, I was on my way.

Good thing! Both ways, we were delayed ad infinitum while the airlines brought in every single airline employee from every single airline who wanted to go whichever way we were going. (yes, I believe that we were delayed waiting for them because, going down, we only left 15 minutes before the next scheduled flight, and we were packed to the rafters with people who had not been there at the time the flight had originally been supposed to leave, and *suspiciously*… all the late arrivals were dressed in the exact same way and were wearing badges that said “airline employee”)

Interestingly, coming back, the flight just before mine was delayed to death, and then those folks were told to change their flight to my flight, and… surprise, when my flight was already 20 minutes late, on the tarmac, people were arriving dressed in the exact same way and wearing badges that said “airline employee”) I know, I know! You say I am into conspiracy theories, but… the coincidences are very very very curious <eyes narrowed suspiciously>

Never mind!!!! I had snacks! They had not taken my food!!!!

I am home now. I want to stay here for a while, where I know I can ride the subway and carry the raw food of my choice and not be stopped (yea!!!! I can go to potlucks!!!), and, normally, my train will come more or less on time, so I won’t be driven to eat while I am traveling.



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