My friend has been trying to organize a Holiday Dinner for about 6 weeks. Since I want to help out, I have been following this closely, even when I haven’t heard from her (she is a brave, strong girl)… As a presenter, I know that the hard part of organizing an event is getting enough people to commit, so that you will have enough money to pay for the venue (minimum.. if you want any other added attractions, besides the room, you have to pay for them up-front)

So, my friend has visualized a really fun get-together, and she got the space, and she got a DJ, and she paid for all of that, and then she put out an invitation with a highly reasonable price ($25) and she waited for people to sign up. Only 12 people paid, but 25 people said they would come. How much food should she prepare? I was there with her today, obsessing over how much is enough (I asked her to make me a covered dish with EVERYTHING) because I can’t arrive until an hour into the event, and I am going to stay and help clean up)

I really hope that all those who said they would come will, despite the fact that we are supposed to have a storm. I hope 25 people will come, because there will probably be enough food for 25 people….

I have learned a lot from my minimal involvement in this event:

I would cut off sign-up 5 days before the event, unless I were still 10 below my minimum to cover my experiences.

I would make it clear to sign-ups that the “meal food” would be available until X time, and, then, after that, it would be doled out to whoever arrived…

I would make twice as much dessert as sign-ups, because we are in New York, and some people think it is important to arrive in the last few minutes


One response to “ORGANIZING AN EVENT: it’s so hard

  1. Thanks for the event planning info. Yes, it is a shame more people don’t RSVP, would make planning much less stressful.

    James Reno

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