50 ZUCCHINIS LATER: How I got my supper

I promised my friend I would help her out with her party, so I went there directly after work.  My job, turned out to be saladacco-ing 50 zucchinis (yes, I counted them) for the base of the main course.  It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to do that many nice big thick straight zucchinis. By the time I took myself to the party (I think they’d forgotten me in the kitchen), it was well underway…. I grabbed some of the zucchini pasta with red sauce and some of the really neat sunflower seed “meat balls” and sat near some people who were discussing Victoria Boutenko and had about the same take I did when I saw her, so I listened in and that was interesting.

It was nice to see my friend’s party turn out so well… I’m sure she must be very happy.


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