CELERIAC BASICS: what is it and how do you handle it

Celeriac looks like a knobby ball.  My first thought was “what the heck?”.  Then, I sniffed it.  Hmn…. It does smell a bit like celery…. but I don’t like celery…. but this is different… It has a texture more like a turnip or something crispy — and no strings!

Store unwashed/uncut celeriac in the refrigerator vegetable bin for up to 2 weeks.

Cut off leaves and stalks, and scrub the bulb well under cold running water. Slice off each end of the celeriac.  Carefully pare to remove the tough peel.  Because of the bumpiness/crevasses, you might end up discarding (composting?) as much as 1/4 of the bulb.

To counteract browning (celeriac browns quickly, as apples do), soak cut pieces in lemon water, vinegar water, or cold salt water.  Acidic salad dressing will also slow the browning.


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