WHEAT GRASS” reasonable system for apartments

Every credible raw food source says we should drink wheat grass juice. Then they tell you to get 3-foot sized trays and dirt, and have a place to set your “farm” in the sun. This knocks out anyone living in an apartment, as I do… In New York City, in a shared (affordable) apartment, it is simply not possible to set up a dirt farm… we use every space for our lifestyle, and that just means room for the TV (figuring out where to put the dehydrator, the food processor, the juicer, and the Saladacco required re-thinking of space)

Tonight I have just learned that my biggest heart-throb, “SproutMan”, has come up with some space-savvy wheatgrass growing systems, and I have fallen deeper in love with this man.
Take a look at:
Sproutman’s Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower

(As soon as I can figure out a place where I can accomodate this tiny system, I am there!!! What is exciting is that I can probably do that within the next month… what is challenging is that I will then have to get a wheat grass juicer and figure out where to put that… oh well.. I’ll worry about that when the wheatgrass growing system is becoming a reality). I may just dehydrate my wheatgrass and make my own superfood supplement!


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