11/29/07 CSA SHARE: the last one for the year

I’m too depressed to photograph what I got, but I will tell you.

In the box, there was red kale, red leaf lettuce, potatoes, a tiny one-person broccoli, and two big bunches of carrots

Because I was volunteering, I got to notice that most people don’t want the carrot tops, and, so, I asked if I could have the discarded carrot tops — I came home with a box brim-full of carrot tops (of course, I will dehydrate them).   I also noticed that some people just left some things that were in their boxes, so I asked if I could have some of those.  I got some extra kale and some extra carrots.

The best thing was that some people did not come and so there were some fruit shares left over… I got some apples and some pears.   I will probably dehydrate half of those and then “smoothie” the rest of them with the lettuce I have.

I am really glad that I joined the CSA this year.  I am also very very grateful that my share-mate bartered her half to me, so that I could see what life was like with a full share (and I am eternally grateful that a) I own a dehydrator, and b)I eat raw food — otherwise I could never get through the boxful of vegetables each week– today, some people kept saying that one box was too much for one person — wonder what they eat???)  If my share-mate had not given up her half, I would never have come up with as many creative ways to go through @10-20 lbs of assorted vegetables in a week.  God is good.

I am really hoping that I can swing a whole vegetable share and a whole fruit share for myself, alone, next year (and I will definitely order two 20-lb.tomato shares next year… two is about all I can manage– at 24/7 dehydrating, it took me 7 days to get through them all, and that was with finally pureeing about 10lbs. before dehydrating them!)

They are offering a winter share on a lottery basis, and I am hoping like crazy that I get picked.  Come to me, vegetables!!!!  I alone will know how to love you and cherish you!!!! (everyone else will just cook you)

Since May, it has felt like I was getting free food (yes, I paid my $250 at the start — half of $500), but that is so easy to gloss over after the initial pinch…. I have gone six months without paying for vegetables and fruit.  (I do believe that I got a good deal for my money) .Now, I will have to go to the market and get my vegetables… fortunately, I heard tonight that there is an outfit which brings hydroponically-grown tomatoes to the farmer’s market one day a week.  I guess I will now have to renew my friendship with Integral Yoga Foods.   I feel a little like that Japanese princess who married a commoner and was forced to leave the palace and learn how to shop in a supermarket (Okay, I have done it all my life, but, honestly, 6 months is a long time to go without looking at food I don’t want, and without checkout lines– never mind that most of the natural foods stores do have better checkout systems than the average supermarket).



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