This afternoon, I went out to a street fair in Manhattan with a good friend.   We wandered around, through the smoke and smells of cooked food, mostly looking at handbags and “pashmina” scarves.  After a bit, my friend suggested that we go over to get a snack at a health food market nearby. I followed her, and chose a “crab” salad there.

Here we go…. when I began to eat my “crab salad”, it did not seem like crab at all (unless one was thinking about what the smell is like when crabs are pulled in crab pots from the water).  I commented to my friend that the taste was more like “I’m a hippie and this is health food, and this is what health food tastes like, so I should think it is tasty.”  My friend told me, then, that, according to what she knows about the place, the person who creates the food is not a raw person, and, additionally, the person is not happy in her job.  

Oooooh!!!  This threw me back to my normal attitude about buying food made commercially — Some people think I am strange when I comment, when eating “bought prepared food”  that I think the preparer was having problems (or issues).  

Over the years, as I have been eating raw, more, or less, or more, or totally, I have come to notice that food that I buy, regardless of the ingredients, can taste “off”, or be difficult to digest, or just simply give me an uncomfortable feeling from time to time.  

When I began my training in energy therapies, one teacher suggested such an idea, and suggested “healing” the food”.  I thought she was terribly full of weirdness, but I did file the message, and I did begin to “clear” my food (similar to a “blessing”, but, in addition to thanking God for the food, asking that the food be nourishing and uplifting, and clear from untoward vibrations)

I don’t often eat out in restaurants, because I want food that is happily prepared, and I understand that people in the food preparation business can have issues going on, and I feel that those issues can affect the food that comes to my table.

Wow!!! I was suddenly faced with some food that I had not thought about, or cleared — a big reminder to “say a blessing” before I eat.

No, I won’t tell you the name of the place, and I won’t mention my friend’s name here, because that is a good produce store (and the prepared food is good, if you clear it, and if you want “hippie”, health-food-tasting food that does not taste much like what it says it is imitating), and my friend is a known regular.  ( If you are in Manhattan, you can figure out which place it is pretty quickly. if you put your mind to it).


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