REJUVELAC: Is It Good or Bad?

Since Ann Wigmore died, Rejuvelac has come under attack. Many who had never had any problem with Rejuvelac before are suddenly concerned.
Even some of the people who carry on the name of her institute, and, ostensibly, her legacy, such as Brian Clement, of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, eschew Rejuvelac as unhealthy. According to Mr. Clement, those healthy bacteria which made Ann Wigmore, and many others, believe in Rejuvelac, are now unhealthy.

Ann Wigmore recommended the use of rejuvelac. Her associate, Viktoras Kulvinskas also recommended it when he worked with her. Numerous authors and educators have recommended the use of rejuvelac, among them Lillian Butler, of Raw Soul, in New York City, and Brenda Cobb, of the Living Foods Institute in Georgia. (I have recommended it since I learned of it in the 70s) At this point, I would say that whether or not to use rejuvelac would have to be a personal choice. How would you make that choice? Make up a couple of batches of rejuvelac, drink up the product, and then make your own decision about whether you want to use this product or not.
I want to.


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