10/18/07 SHARE: What They Say We Will Get

This is what they say we will receive.  This time, my room-mate will be picking it up, because I will be away on vacation for 10 days (yippee!!!!)

 Winter Squash____________ Qty:1 piece
Lettuce Mix_______________Qty: 1/2 pound bag
Green Cabbage____________Qty: 1 head
Baby Bok Choi____________Qty: 4 pieces
Red Beets________________Qty: 1 bunch
Romaine Lettuce
__________ Qty: 1 head
Guy Lon or Broccoli Raab___Qty:1 piece
White Salad Turnips_______  Qty: 1 large bunch
Yellow Potatoes___________ Qty: 2 pound bag
Long Red Peppers_________ Qty: 1 bunch


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