Deleting Non-Raw Vegan Links

I have suffered the great disappointment of having to delete some links I had proudly added to my blogroll here. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had links that do not advocate a raw food lifestyle, and I do not wish to support that kind of link here. If you saw a link here, and it is now gone, that is why. I removed ZenPawn today.


3 responses to “Deleting Non-Raw Vegan Links

  1. Awww… I guess 77% raw is not enough. 😦

    I’ll still keep visiting your blog though. Best of luck.

  2. I think that ZenPawn’s website is awesome, and it is your loss for not having him on here. Take anything to the extreme and you start losing people. (let’s face it, ZenPawn’s stuff is pretty RAW, enjoy some variety) Besides, his stuff tastes better.

  3. all right…. make me feel bad. the wine ad bothered me. I’ll put zenpawn back. It does have some nice things about it.

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